birthday celebrations
birthday celebrations
birthday celebrations
birthday celebrations

ION 35th birthday celebrations

Branding a twinned celebratory event

Design concept
This was a twinned event focussed on bringing people together for a celebration, with ION at the centre of it. It was also the first live event following a major brand redesign and evolution for ION.

The differentiator between this event and the graduation was the colour scheme. The concept would be the same.

I therefore proposed to brand around the concept of the “atom”. The atom is a unit of matter composed of electrons circling a nucleus (made up of neutron and protons). Speaking in abstract terms, this is what the event entailed. People coming together.

The benefit of this approach was it allowed for simple, scalable graphics that let the new core identity elements be introduced to people.

The result was a series of different sized spheres comping together to form one overall sphere. Depending on the medium, the graphics would then be framed and cropped at different sizes (to either show the whole main sphere or parts of it). To give further depth to the spheres text was placed between some of these spheres.

The main colour was the ION green (the overall colour for ION), complimented by an acid yellow.

Fonts used were (the new default ION body font) Calibri and Kepler (the new default ION heading font).

Printing and finishing
To keep costs down some elements were sent to the printers (CPUK Print Publishing) while others were printed in house using the Xerox C60 Fiery equipped printer.

Similar to the graduation, the birthday celebration was a significant event. I wanted to reflect this prestige through the assets by elevating the print finish, hoping to add something to the event programme. Unfortunately as a non-profit educational charity ION operates on a strict budget and regular finishing (foil stamp, emboss, UV, etc) was too expensive.

To overcome this I decided to manually finish them myself after hours. I purchased a Montana GLITTER spray can and constructed a (card) template of various circular holes. It was then a simple exercise of spraying select spheres on the cover of the 100 event programmes. Afterwards they were set to dry. The whole process took one evening.