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ION Graduation 2016

Branding of the 2016 Graduation

About Project.

Design of the 2016 graduation collateral.

I was tasked with designing the overall theme and production of the items that encompassed the 2016 ION graduation. The items produced were:

  • Graduation booklet
  • Graduation certificates
  • RSVP invites
  • Robe hire invites
  • Ceremony schedule card
  • Graduation banners

For this graduation ceremony I wanted to explore print finishes and provide a good memento for the graduates. The academics were also keen to portray the colour green of the company and leaves of food. The result was a theme of rich spinach leaves with a royal purple secondary colour.

Regarding the print finish, having discussed with our printers what options best suited our budget, we could produce a raised print effect on the graduation programme, RSVP invite and robe hire flier. The raised print finish was a transparent layer of ink, being a cross between embossing and spot gloss UV.

On the programme the raised effect was applied to the calligraphic wording and on the two A5 fliers, a leaf imprint against the purple block was applied.

The resulting works had a great texture and finish. The remaining stationary was produced with variations of the design, having taken the output medium into consideration.

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