Graphic Design

Staff Academic Calendar

Design and production of an easy to use, versatile staff academic calendar

I was tasked with producing a staff calendar that could satisfy the needs of the academic and administration departments of the company, while also providing useful information to other staff members. I designed the calendar having consulted and evaluated the requirements with the Dean, Head of Courses and Head of Administration. I settled on an A5 booklet format as it provided a good balance between being easy to carry around, space for text, and legibility. The calendar contains internal academic dates, external academic dates, holidays, industry & social events and other information. To increase staff affection for the company I also included three of my own ideas. These were:

  • Personalised covers for each staff member in a colour representing their department
  • A beverage choice menu area so staff could write down/circle their colleagues hot drink choice
  • Facts of the week for the whole year providing knowledge related to the nutrition industry and not related to the industry.

Following the design and approval I produced and bound the booklets in house.