Graphic Design

ION Short Course e-Fliers

Design of weekly e-fliers promoting ION short courses

I was tasked with producing weekly e-fliers that promoted ION’s short courses.

When I joined ION these e-fliers were very text heavy. During the first few months of my employment I consulted with the Head of Short Courses to slightly tweak the design and bring more balance to the e-fliers with the use of pictures. I recorded the statistics with each campaign and provided a report to the CEO, Business Manager and Head of Short Courses on where ION stood. Statistics showed our Click-To-Open and Click-Through-Rates were considerably below average within the non-profit and education sectors, while our unsubscribe rate was quite high. I also noticed the engagement level of other ION emails was considerably higher than the short course e-fliers.

In 2015 I was given control to totally redesign the e-fliers to increase performance and signups on our short courses. My redesign focused heavily on a lead image related to the course, with a small passage about the course and speaker(s) accompanying it. Below this would be a list of three upcoming courses, and underneath that, various ways to contact ION. I deliberately reduced the amount of text as the picture would more likely grab attention, the e-flier would be easier to view and read on the go/on mobile devices and it allowed for more traffic on the ion website due to human nature of curiously. The colours of the e-flier would complement the main picture, while the design would be similar to the main ION branding of 2015. After a few months statistics showed our CTO and CTR rates had increased to be above average in both the non-profit and education sectors.