Optimum Nutrition Spring 2016

Cover-to-cover design of the Spring 2016 issue of Optimum Nutrition Magazine

ION produces a quarterly magazine on nutrition for the public as part of its charity remit. This magazine has been produced since 1984 and has always been outsourced to a design company. In the Spring of 2015 the decision was made to bring the design of our magazine in-house, with myself being appointed the sole individual responsible for the design. I would collaborate with the Editor, Editor-in-chief, CEO and Dean when designing the magazine.

I have tried to produce a magazine that is progressive in its design, yet does not fall victim to trends/fads, while taking into consideration its broad audience. This audience ranges in age from early 20s to late 70s, with various backgrounds in profession and education.

The redesign of the magazine has been positively received, with circulation increased to 12000. The magazine is located in spas, 4 and 5 star hotels, cruise ships and various City of London locations. Since the redesign ION has experienced a positive upswing in subscription rates.