Graphic Design

Graduation 2015

Design of the 2015 graduation stationary

I was tasked with designing the overall theme and production of the items that encompassed the 2015 ION graduation. The items produced were:

  • Graduation booklet
  • Graduation certificates
  • RSVP invites
  • Robe hire letter
  • Ceremony schedule card

The graduation ceremony was to be twinned with the 30th birthday celebrations, which were happening in the morning of the same day. As a result the design had to portray both events, therefore I decided to focus on the “food” and “nutrition” that linked both events. To do so I produced illustrations of food items that were made up of 30 lines (to highlight the 30 years of ION). On the reverse of the graduation booklet was the main illustration with a congratulatory message for the graduates. The remaining stationary was produced with variations of the illustration, having taken the output medium into consideration.