Graphic Design

ION Documents

Design of all internal documents

ION has seen various changes in the past few years - in personnel, location, systems and vision. As a result there was no consistent branding to any of the documents. I was tasked with aligning the branding with the current mission statement, and to produce a consistent and professional result. ION has 3 main criteria; to educate, to inform, and to instil. I decided to separate the ION offerings into these 3 criteria so they receive their own branding. This meant:

  • Education | Colour: Green - Font: Gotham
  • Lite Bites | Colour: Pale yellow - Font: Gotham
  • Optimum Nutrition Clinic | Colour: Turquoise - Font: Linotte

The Optimum Nutrition magazine would remain separate from ION (as per the editor's wish). Depending on the audience/customer, the primary font choice also changed. The trustworthy and contemporary Gotham for our students, and a comforting Linotte for clinic clients. All the documents are (where applicable) produced to allow for typed input as well as the traditional print.