Graphic Design

Ageing Matters Symposium 2016

Design + Branding of the first ION Symposium

In November 2016, ION held its very first symposium, with the subject being on “ageing matters”. It was a 9-hour event with 5 guest speakers, held at RIBA London. I was tasked with producing the branding and asset production for the event. My design focussed on the telomere. Telomeres are a part of human cells and affect how they age. They are caps at the end of each strand of DNA that protect our chromosomes (note: a chromosome looks like a X under the microscope, the telomere is a region at the ends of it). To increase the connection with ION, the colour chosen for the chromosome was green, with the telomere region having a gradation to pink. After scoping the venue and its technology (LCD screens, projectors, etc) the accent colour chosen was gold. The chromosome was also designed as a series a dots to tie in with the ION seed. Various assets were produced for the event:

  • Paper fliers and adverts – A5 and A4
  • Digital marketing – email, social media posts, newsletter/website banners, etc
  • Tote goody bags - 8oz cotton, single colour
  • Handout booklet
  • Introductory presentation slide headers
  • Lectern Foamex board branding
  • Roll up welcome banners
  • GOBOs
  • Wayfinding signs
  • Custom Twitter projection
  • Attendee labels
  • Attendee certificates