Branding + Logo

Roll Up Banners

Design of roll up banners

I was tasked with producing a set of 5 roll up banners to be used for marketing, promotional and way-finding activities. These 5 banners would be divided into:

  • An introductory and way-finding banner (reflecting the institute's vision statement)
  • A set of 3 banners reflecting the key elements of the institute's mission statement
  • A banner celebrating the institute's 30th birthday

The introductory banner is placed in the foyer area and it was crucial to quickly convey the vision statement and how the institute helps its students and customers. I chose to use an image of food growing as it would reflect the growth of our students and customer as they progress with our courses and offerings. The set of 3 internal banners highlight the activities of the institute and are enhanced with close ups of enticing food. The 30th birthday banner was used in 2015 at our birthday party. All the banners were taken at exhibitions and events attended in 2015.